Marketing of a Hotel

How is a Hotel marketed?
Hotel is one of the major components of tourism industry. Hotel could be marketed properly within tourists. Apart from that a hotel could be marketed to different cooperates or MNCs. Nowadays the technological development and different types of marketing strategies find out a wide market for the hotel industry. 75% of all the hotel rooms sold all over the world comes from tourism industry directly. Travel agents, tour operators etc are the main sellers of the hotel rooms. Along with that comes the walk in customers. Marketing is the key function of hotel business. It is proved that the profit entirely depends on the systematic and proper marketing. When a hotel can understand the customers need properly then only a hotel can make a successful business. Hotel marketing could be divided in 4 categories – 1) research and analysis 2) developing and fulfillment of customer need 3) advertisement and promotion and 4) monitoring and corrective measures. To imply these steps a hotel needs trained executives. They keep regular touch with the travel agents, tour operators, corporate houses, airlines, Govt. offices, clubs etc to sale their product. For promotion and advertisements hotel mainly depends with the print media and hoardings.

History of Tourism

The earliest forms of leisure tourism can be traced as far back as the Babylonian and Egyptian empires. A museum of “historic antiquities” ...