Ethnic Tourism

Ethnic tourism is "travel motivated by search for the first hand, authentic and sometimes intimate contact with people whose ethnic and /or cultural background is different from the tourists". Ethnic tourists are driven by the desire to see something different where curiosity is the ultimate factor. The travelers choose to experience first hand the practices of another culture, and may involve performances, presentations and attractions portraying or presented by indigenous communities. In a broader perspective, it includes cultural, heritage, anthropological, tribal, village and similar forms of tourism. Ethnic tourism, if properly planned and managed, can be promoted as sustainable form of tourism and can be utilized as a tool for the preservation and conservation of culture and heritage as well as poverty alleviation. India, rich with its cultural diversity, grand heritage and inimitable history, is a world famous cultural tourism destination. The focal point of India's attractiveness as a destination is it's diverse ethnicity.

History of Tourism

The earliest forms of leisure tourism can be traced as far back as the Babylonian and Egyptian empires. A museum of “historic antiquities” ...