Some suggestions to attract foreign tourists in India

1} Overseas publicity – Department of tourism and ITDC now participating in various tourism festivals in different countries allover the world to promote different tourism detonations in India. Simultaneously different states are also participating in these festivals in domestic and regional level to promote their states tourism.
2} Production of tourist literature – Different literatures should be published to advertise any particular destination. Different guide books, tour brochures, posters, folders need to be distributed to inform tourists about the countries reach tourism destinations.
3} Guide Training – Proper training programmes to be arranged for the guides and service providers to meet the need of foreign tourist. Guides should know different languages which will allow them to provide good service to the foreign tourists.
4} Collection of tourist statistics – Collection of tourist statistics and research of those statistics will help to find out the problems of foreign tourists and the ways to solve those problems.
5} Service under one roof – Coordination with air and train services with a view to facilitate both air and train journey and to make it comfortable in India. Such coordination will definitely help the tourists to get the best of the service. Such coordination is available in Europe which helps the tourist a lot.
6} Star Accommodations – India need more star category hotels in different destinations in the country. Presently one will find good accommodation mainly in cities but it also needs to be in the heart of the tourist destinations also.
7} Liaison with Govt. departments and private companies – There must be proper liaison between different Govt. departments responsible for providing facilities required by the tourists including informations in regard to commercial matters. Also there should be communications between the Govt. departments and travel agencies which would necessarily remain responsible for the detailed arrangements of tourists.

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