Steps taken by Govt. to promote tourism in India.

Tourism is the biggest industry in the world from the point of view of turnover. The capital investment in this industry is now even more than oil-industry. Many countries in Europe and Asia now completely depend on the income coming from tourism. Again being labour oriented industry, tourism generates maximum number of employment directly or indirectly.
In India, tourism is a late started industry. After the independence, the Govt. started taking plans to organize and develop the tourism destinations scattered all over the country. Now tourism in India is in such a position which is desirable countries economy. From the civil aviation to hotel industry, everywhere the infrastructural development is remarkable. After the reformation of Indian economy in 1990 with the open policy taken by the then Finance Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is now increasing gradually.
The steps taken by Govt. – 1} Plans for regional development with the help of tourism where other industries are not in their best.
2} Started one – window policy to boost the direct and as well as indirect investment in tourism.
3} Plans preservation of cultural, heritage and environment at tourist destinations to attract more tourists.
4} Development of infrastructure to meet the present and future needs of tourist.
5} Started different types of luxurious trains like Palace on Wheels, Royal Orient or Deccan Queens.
6} Developing basic infrastructure.
7} Started overseas offices at different countries to promote India as a tourism destination.
8} Proper coordination between the states and central tourism departments been ordered to develop the destinations.
9} Started different packages to attract for those destinations attracting more tourists.
10} Developed different Tourism Circuits like Golden Triangle or Buddhist Circuit to attract more tourists.
11} ITDC is now taking part in different tourism fairs all over the world.
12} Trying to provide best of the services in Air India and in Indian Rail.
13} Building accommodation in Govt. level and encouraging the private companies to invest in accommodation sector by giving them different tax benefits.

History of Tourism

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