Indian Railway Zones

Indian Railways is divided for administrative convenience into several regional railways. Until recently there were 9 zones, and this structure had not changed much for four decades. Recently, 7 new zones have been created, giving a total of 16.
The nine older railway zones and their headquarters are:
1} Northern Railway (NR) Delhi 2} North Eastern Railway (NER) Gorakhpur 3} Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR, sometimes NEFR) Guwahati 4} Western Railway (WR) Mumbai 5} Southern Railway (SR) Chennai 6} South Central Railway (SCR) Secunderabad 7} South Eastern Railway (SER) Kolkata 8} Eastern Railway (ER) Kolkata 9} Central Railway (CR) Mumbai
The 7 new zones and their headquarters are:
10} South Western Railway (SWR) Hubli 11} North Western Railway (NWR) Jaipur 12} West Central Railway (WCR) Jabalpur 13} North Central Railway (NCR) Allahabad 14} South East Central Railway (SECR) Bilaspur 15} East Coast Railway (ECoR) Bhubaneshwar 16} East Central Railway (ECR) Hajipur

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